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A very needed tip, if your in the game and it errors out like the page isnt there, or does anything that is weird that doesnt flag a error message about some variable or otherwise being wrong but more so just doesnt load the next page, its because im uploading another version, as i wont be doing a update post on everything i do unless its major, please keep this in mind, if it gets to the point of there being actual gameplay content like jobs and other bits, you will be wise to start saving every time you do somthing important, as this game list will be WIP's for a long time.

Game Listing (In progress)

Lost Will - First Side project to learn Twine, it details the life of a young woman who comes to realize that she and everyone else on the earth has been under the control of the government and strives to try and break free, and possibly save the planet from its enslavement. The game details a open world situation, with a non linear (Possibly a few as this game is going to be open enough to have plenty of alternatives and endings through development and after development) story that will have subtle to extreme changes depending on the players statistics, it may end up having life simulator qualities as well, however I am unsure if i will be going that route or not.

(In Progress)Lost Will(In Progress)

Whisper - A horror investigative game, it details the life of a young woman a bit too curious for her own good, locating a haunted town, she decides to investigate and figure out if the tales are real, and ultimatly why it happened and how to stop it if it can be stopped. This game will be based around procedural generation inside a small open world town, with the creation of 1 adversary which will search for the player, this will be based around player movement and actions in a turn based oriented manner, the story and as such clues will all be procedural and my goal is to make it able to have multiple variations of story types, as well as monster or monster grouping types, this game will not feature gore related scenes when the player is caught, but will feature gore and other horror scenes within background descriptions and possibly scares of some kind, but all of this is theory atm, this project may end up taking the last place for the current 3 projects as it will be the hardest out of the 3

(Not Yet on Site)Whisper(Not Yet on Site)

Breakdown - This is a older project that im going to port and finish in twine, it details a woman who inevitably gets trapped into a enslavement situation, and has to try and escape, or be turned into whatever the captors want to turn her into, this game will be heavily procedural, and will probly take alot more writing then most of the others, it however may take second point once lost will is done as it is not as difficult a matter as Whisper, i will however be changing some aspects as twine is much more limited then what i was using for working on it before.

(Not Yet on Site)Breakdown(Not Yet on Site)

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